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The Annapolis Brass Quintet

Reviews and Program Materials Archive


1990 - 1993


Final Concert Annapolis

Final Concert Baltimore

Guide to Brass Quintet Literature

1992 Great Music in Great Spaces

Final Annapolis Concert Program April 1993

Final Baltimore Concert Program
April 1993

Guide to Brass Quintet Literature
April 1993

Great Music in Great Spaces
Baltimore 1992

1992 UMDPoster

1992 UMD Duluth

1992 Cran Interview

1992Brass Gazette no.2

University of Minnesota Duluth
Promotion Poster April 1993

University of Minnesota Duluth
Concert Program April 1993

1992 University of MN Duluth
Interview with David Cran

1992 Brass Gazette
Vol.1 No.2

1991 Brass Gazette no.1

1991Balto Symphony

1991 20th anniversary promo

1991 20th poster

1991 Brass Gazette
Vol.1 No.1

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
& the ABQ May 1991

20th Anniversary Brouchure

20th Anniversary Poster 1991


1991 St.CLoud MN Concert




St. Cloud Minnesota
Concert Program 1991




1980 - 1989

1988 Carnegie Invite

1987 National Gallery

1987 LedenRadio Program


1988 Carnegie Hall Concert Invitation

1987 National Gallery of Art
Concert Program

1987 Leden Radio Kamerorkest Concert Program

1986 even the ABQ Van got
press coverage!

1986 Cran Interview
1985 UM Duluth Program
1985 BCMSA
1984 Press Pack
1985 Interview with David Cran Duluth Minnesota
1985 University of Minnesota Duluth Concert Program
1984 Brass Chamber Music Society of Annapolis Concert Program
1984 Press Materials
1984promo NAPA Review
1984 IBQFAnnouncement
1984 France

1984 Flyer

1984 Napa California Review

1984 IBQF

1984 French Concert Program

1984 Stuttgart

1984 Van Cliburn

1981 TV week cover

1981 MPT cover

1984 Stuttgart Concert Program

1984 Van Cliburn Series Program

1981 TV Week Cover

1981 MD Public TV
program guide cover

1981Sounds of Xmas studio photos no.1

1981Sounds of Xmas scrapbk studio pictures

1981Sounds of XmasReview

1981 10th anniversary promo

1981 Sounds of Xmas photo book

1981 Sounds of Christmas
recording session photos

1981 Sounds of Christmas
recording session photos

1981 10th Anniversary Publicity

1981 Tower Brass Quintet

1981 MD Tv cover

1980s misc reviews

1980s more reviews

1981 The Tower Brass Quintet (guest artists)

1981 MD TV Schedule cover

Scrapbook of reviews from the 1980s

More pages from the 1980s scrapbook


1971 - 1979


1979 Forum Schedule

1977 Wall Street Journal review

1976 Norway review
1979 Newsletter

1979 "Forum: Concert Schedule

1977 Wall Street Journal Review

1976 Review from Norway Concert

1079 ABQ Newsletter

1976Allied Schedule

1970s programs and reviews



1976 Allied Concert Tour Program

Scrapbook of early reviews and materias from the 1970s