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The Annapolis Brass Quintet



Annapolis Brass Quintet (Crystal S-202)
Quintessence (Crystal S-206)
Annapolis Sounds (Richardson RRS-3)
Encounter (Crystal S-207)
The Spirit of Christmas Brassed (Richardson RRS-5)
Music of Lawrence Moss: Symphonies (Orion ORS 79362)
Invitation to the Sideshow (Crystal S-213)
Music of Lawrence Moss: Flight (AmCam Recordings ACR 10301)
The Age of Masques and Revels (Antigua DG91.5)
Synthesis (Crystal S-219)
New Music for Brass Quintet (Crystal S-235)
Byrd and Brass (Concord Jazz, Inc.) *
Brass and Pipes (CRS)
Christmas with Byrd and Brass (Antigua DG91.6) *
Reflections in Brass (Antigua 92) *

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