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About the PayPal Secure Server

The ABQ Shop uses PayPal for secure online merchandise ordering using MasterCard and Visa. PayPal is a service that is free to the buyer enabling you to order ABQ items from your computer with the knowledge that your credit card information is secure and that your order will be processed quickly and efficiently.

We use PayPal in order to keep our costs low, in light of the small volume of business that the ABQ Shop generates. Using this service prevents the necessity of using a dedicated Merchant Account with MC and Visa, which would significantly increase our costs (and yours!).

Because we use PayPal and not a traditional merchant account, we cannot take telephone or email credit card orders (sorry!). All credit card purchases must be performed online through PayPal.

Using PayPal involves the following easy steps:

Signing up with PayPal is quick and easy, and all information is kept secure. When you sign up and complete the verification process, you receive a bonus of $5 from PayPal.

For more information, please go to the PayPal Website.

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