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The Byrd & Brass Reunion Concert
Christmas with Byrd & Brass: A Tribute to Charlie Byrd

Additional Concert Information

When the alumni of the ABQ decided in early summer of 2000 to stage a concert to pay tribute to virtuoso guitarist, friend, and colleague Charlie Byrd, and to donate proceeds to the scholarship fund set up in his name at the Peabody Conservatory, one of the basic questions to resolve was how to organize the financial aspects of the concert.

The Annapolis Brass Quintet ceased to exist as a business entity in 1993, as well as its allied non-profit organizations, the Brass Chamber Music Society of Annapolis (BCMSA), Brass Maryland, and the International Brass Quintet Festival (IBQF). Without these organizations to take part in the production of the tribute concert, a new business entity needed to be created to handle the expenses and distribute the proceeds.

For reasons of short time and limited budget, and in order to maximize the donation that would be made to the scholarship fund, it was decided that establishing a new non-profit organization would be cost and time prohibitive. Hence, the business entity "Annapolis Brass Quintet" was created, with the permission of the founding members, as a sole proprietorship by Christopher Maddox (husband of horn player Sharon Tiebert), for the sole purpose of producing this concert.

Regrettably, since this entity does not meet the strict definition of a Non-Profit Organization, none of the cost of tickets is tax-deductable. In addition, the ticket proceeds are subject to Anne Arundel County's 10% Amusements and Admissions Tax (which is included in the $22 face value of the tickets).

Given these circumstances, we would like to assure our community and ticket purchasers that:

We certainly hope that you will attend the concert with the confidence that your participation pays tribute to Charlie Byrd, as his memory so richly deserves.

Christopher E. Maddox
White Hall, Maryland
20 August 2000

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